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We’ve made things a little lighter. Do you hate physics? We do too. That’s why our new beer is defying all the laws of gravity. To lightly go where no other Nova Scotian beer has gone before.

What would you say if you heard Good Robot made a beer that kept all the great flavour but shedded all the extra stuff? Like a rocket ship leaving the earth’s atmosphere, but instead of jettisoning our rocket boosters and stow-away aliens, we’re getting rid of carbs and calories. 100 calories per can and just 3 grams of carbs. Life is heavy, your beer doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a NASA pilot training for a space mission or you just enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle with your friends, you want a beer that will make you feel lighter on your feet.

We’re Ultra local! Allow us to introduce to you Good Robot Ultra. A lighter beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour. A giant leap for guilt-free beer experiences. It’s a really light beer. And we really make it!

ABV: 4%

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